gestation of the sacred beetle

Projection for staged live show.
Gestation of the Sacred Beetle - The dung beetle mother makes a special ball of dung for its larva to live inside and eat until it's ready to emerge.

This projection is one of 12 made for "Share This Place," a live show with music performed by Mirah and Spectratone International (Lori Goldston, Kyle Hanson, Kane Mathis, and Jane Hall).

"Share This Place" is co-sponsored/ supported by the City of Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, and Seattle International Children's Festival.

The music of "Share This Place" (on cd and lp) and the accompanying films (on dvd) are available from K records.

Animation, direction, etc: Britta Johnson
Music: Mirah and Spectratone Int'l
Song: Gestation of the Sacred Beetle
Album: Share This Place: Stories and Observations, 2007
Label: K records

© Britta Johnson, Mirah, Spectratone Int'l 2007

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