streamlined fadeout

Looping single-channel video with sound

About Streamlined Fadeout:
Streamlined Fadeout is a sculptural animation project that unfolded over six months on the SEAT portion of Sound Transit's Capitol Hill Wall Project in Seattle's Cal Anderson Park. A grid of hubcap pairs (”pixels”), dark on one side, were flipped and photographed by SEAT animators in a series of patterns that suggested cars moving slowly in traffic; additional runs of the pattern were photographed as the light rail station grew closer to completion and the color weathered off.

Installation and animation began October 12, 2013; dark pixels were coated in aquarium-grade activated charcoal and corn syrup. 

Made with support from Sound Transit
Much, much thanks for help from:
DK Pan, Susan Robb, Webster Crowell, Stewart McCullough, Peter Lynch, Lyall Bush, Adam Sekuler, Samantha Updegrave, Claire Fox, Clyde Petersen, Stefan Gruber, Forrest Baum, Neely Goniodsky, Chris Looney, Doug Mora, Otto Bulut, Chris Johnson, Christopher Greenchild, and Salise Hughes

Special thanks to:
Budget Auto Wrecking, AAA Auto Wrecking, and Special Interest Auto Wrecking, and the Northwest Film Forum

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