finding nothing to do, doing something #1 and #2

Looping two-channel video with sound
“Britta Johnson at Lawrimore Project”; Jen Graves, The Stranger, June 19, 2012
“Currently Hanging: Britta Johnson's Finding Nothing to Do, Doing Something”; Jen Graves, Slog, June 18, 2012

Made with support from the City of Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Artist Trust, and 4Culture

Field Support: Clyde Petersen, Tim Holbert, SJ Chiro,
Special Thanks: Centrum, Dava Hester, Clint Hester

© Britta Johnson 2012

More work from the hover, a group of large-scale animations filmed in WA state landscapes ︎︎︎
Installation views of solo show the hover  at Gallery 4Culture.
Photos: Sol Hashemi