crashing waves

Short film

Two shipwreck victims spend their days on a deserted shore doing remarkable tasks; are they gods, or have they been driven mad by their predicament?

Filmed at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA, Crashing Waves was made with support from 4Culture, Artist Trust, and Centrum.

Direction, Animation, Edit, Sound Design: Britta Johnson
Castaways: DK Pan and Haruko Nishimura
Cinematography: Benjamin Kasulke
Art Direction: Curtis Taylor
Music: Lori Goldston (cello, voice, direction), Kanako Wyncoop (harmonium, voice), Stuart Dempster (trombone, voice), Isaac Hanson (cello), Susie Kozawa (additional foley, voice)
Recording Engineer: Julian Martlew
Mix: Steven Fisk
Color Grading: Lightpress
Produced by: Britta Johnson, Cheryl Cowan
Special Thanks: World Famous, On The Boards, Northwest Film Forum, Lisa Werner, Heather Dwyer, Aura Müünta Dean, Moon Blossom Dean, Michael Radford, David Langley, Erland & Christina Stake, Martin Cervall, Christopher Overman, Peter Crocker, MM & PC

© Britta Johnson 2010