coccolithophore snölykta


A commissioned temporary public sculpture installed in Redmond Downtown Park, Redmond, WA.

About Coccolithophore Snölykta:
Coccolithophore Snölykta is a flickering lantern made of recycled hubcaps, inspired by the shapes and textures of snölykta (traditional Swedish lanterns made with stacked snowballs and glowing candles) and coccolithophores (tiny calcium-shelled ocean creatures that absorb carbon dioxide but are vulnerable to excessive amounts of it). It was commissioned by the city of Redmond, Washington for the 2023 Redmond Lights festival in Redmond Downtown Park. 

Fabrication and installation assistance: Cyclefab, Andrea Bernard, Isaac Hanson, and Rowan Kell Hover
Special thanks: Chris Weber, Hannah Coleman, and all of the XLights zoom room moderators

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